Viewing Upcoming and Past Jobs (Subs)



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The Frontline mobile app organizes your past, present, and future jobs in a few different areas on your device.


The homepage provides the first point of reference for potential, upcoming assignments and your next scheduled job. These two sections include selectable links to view the individual job details for a specific assignment, and you can also select the option to review a more broad, comprehensive list of all the available jobs in your district(s).


Available Jobs: Scheduled

If you reference the list of all available jobs in your district(s), you will see an additional "Scheduled" tab at the top of the page. Select this option to view a comprehensive list of all your accepted assignments.


Mobile App Calendar

The "Menu" option (at the base of the app) includes a "Calendar" option in the side navigation, and this Calendar records all your past assignments, as well as your accepted, upcoming assignments.

You can click on each job (indicated by a "dot" for IOS and a highlight for Android) to view the job's details

Keep in mind, this calendar does not indicate potential assignments. Rather, it displays the specific jobs you have already worked and are scheduled to work in upcoming days.


Personal Device Calendar

In addition to the primary methods mentioned above, you also have the option to add an upcoming assignment directly to your mobile device's calendar. This "Add to Calendar" option can be located at the bottom right of a job's details within the mobile app.

If you have not yet performed this function, the system will prompt you to provide access to the Calendar feature on your device. Press Ok to proceed.


You can then access the calendar on your mobile device and view the details for your upcoming assignment.