Reviewing and Submitting Timesheets



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Organizations with the Frontline Insights Platform offer users the ability to review and submit timesheets directly through the Frontline mobile app.

 First Steps: See Downloading the Frontline Mobile App to get started.

Locating Your Timesheets

The mobile app lists your timesheet information via the home page and side navigation menu. Sign in to the app and locate the section that says "Timesheets." The system provides an option to view your timesheet details and to also adjust a time entry.

This functionality is dependent on whether your organization provides the designated permissions. You may or may not have this specific setup.

Example of Timesheets access via Home page and Menu


Reviewing Your Timesheets

To review your timesheet details, select the Timesheets option on your mobile home page or via the side navigation. This opens a page where you can review your time worked for a given week.

If you wish to view a different timeframe, select the side arrows (/) to alternate between weeks or press the dropdown directly beside the "This Week" title to choose a specific date from the calendar.

The system lists the data for each day of the selected week, and you can add additional time, submit timesheets, or select an individual day to review more specific details.

Example of Timesheets page and selection of individual day


Adjusting Your Timesheets

You can add time to your timesheets or edit existing timesheets via the Timesheets page.

Add Time

Select the "Add Time" option in the top right corner of the Timesheets section. This opens a Time Entry page. The system automatically lists the date, work detail, and entries for your in/out times, which can be adjusted, as needed. Press Edit to make changes and then press Add to include the new time.

Example of Timesheets, Add Time Entry, and Time Entry editor


Edit Time

Select a specific time entry from the Timesheets page to open a Time Event page. On the Time Event page, choose a specific Time Event. This selection provides access to then press "Edit" (in the upper right) and adjust the In and Out Times for that sign in period. Press Edit beside the In or Out Time to make changes and press Save to record the updates.

Example of Time Event, Individual Time Event, and Time Entry editor


The system may require that you first include a comment before you can add timesheet adjustments. If prompted, press within the comments sections under the In/Out entries and explain your reason for the changes.

Submitting Your Timesheets

Once you review your time worked, you can access the Timesheets section and select the option to Submit Timesheets.

The system will open a new page that indicates which days are currently selected. To manage these days, press the dropdown beside the days included and select the checkbox to add or remove days, as needed. You can then press Confirm Selection to save your changes.

Perform a final overview of the selected days, add a comment (if needed), and select the checkbox to confirm that the timesheets are accurate. Then, press Submit.

Example of Timesheets, Timesheet Day selector, and Timesheet Submit


The system will mark the selected days as "Submitted" on the Timesheets page, and this status will remain until the approver reviews and accepts the submission.

You can select Undo Submission if additional adjustments are needed, but this option will be removed once the approval is made.