Approving or Denying an Absence



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Certain Absence Reasons at your district may require approval, and as an Organization or Campus User, you can approve or deny these absences directly from the mobile app.

Keep in mind, the mobile app does not currently support partial approvals. You will need to manage those types of approvals through the Absence Management application.

If approval rights are provided, you will see a widget labeled "Approvals" on the "Home" screen. Select this option to review a list of absence requests.

The Approvals page will include the employee's name and their absence details (e.g. date, reason, and time). You can select a specific employee's request to further review the absence details and decide whether to approve or deny the request.


With an absence selected, the page will display all the absence details, including an option to approve or deny. Select the "Approve" or "Deny" option to proceed with the absence review process.

Your selection will prompt a dialog box to appear. Select Yes to confirm (and complete the process) or Cancel to return to the absence details.

In this example, the "Approve" button was selected, and the approval confirmation has appeared.