Assigning a Substitute



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Absences often require a substitute to fill in for the employee, and in such instances, a substitute can be added directly via the mobile app. 

Organization and Campus Users often have the permission to assign a sub, but some employees may also have this ability, if provided the necessary permission. (See Allowing Employees to Assign Subs.) 

Assignment Options

You can assign a substitute during one of the following scenarios:

  Absence Creation

The option to assign a sub will be provided at the end of the absence creation process and will only appear if you have been granted the assignment permission by your district. This can potentially apply to Org. Users, Campus Users, or Employees.

  Absence Review

If a sub is not assigned during the initial creation of an absence, you can also review your absences (via the "Absences" page), select the absence in question, and proceed to assign a sub from there. This option applies to Org. Users, Campus Users, and Employees with the proper permissions.

  Absence Approval

The next opportunity to assign a sub occurs during the review/approval process and only applies to Organization and Campus Users.

  Absences Not Yet Filled

A final opportunity to assign a sub occurs when you review any unfilled absences in your organization, and this process only applies to Organization and Campus Users.

Assignment Process

In each of these scenarios, you will need to access the absence in question and select the "Substitute" option to assign a sub. 

This selection opens the substitute assignment page. From here, you can review a list of potential candidates and press Assign beneath the preferred individual.


You should first confirm that the substitute is prepared to fulfill the absence prior to completing this assignment step. You can select the Contact option to make this verification.

The system will then prompt you to review & confirm the assignment you chose. Press Assign to complete the process. You will then see the assigned sub within the absence details.