Editing an Absence (Employee)

Once an absence is created, you can edit its details, as needed, if your district has granted you the editing permission.


Employees with the proper permissions may only edit an absence before it has been approved. Once approval is given, only an Organization or Campus User can perform edits.

To edit an absence, you will need to access its details via the "Absences" section of your app. Select the Absences option on the home screen or navigate to Menu > Absences


This selection will open a list of your requested absences. Review this list and select the absence in question. Once an absence is chosen, you can then click the Edit option in the top right corner (as seen in the second image).

2.1.png                                     3.1.png

Step 2 of the absence creation process will open, and you can begin to review the absence details and make any necessary updates. These absence details include:

  • Absence Type (e.g. Illness, Personal Day, etc.)
  • Date(s) of the Absence
  • Timing of the Absence (e.g. Full Day, Half Day, etc.)
  • Substitute Requirements
  • Substitute Assignment
  • Substitute and Administrator Notes

Proceed through each absence step and remember to click Save Changes once you are finished.


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