Professional Growth: Activity Check In/Out

Frontline's mobile app includes an activity check-in and check-out feature for Professional Growth users. This functionality is one part of an ongoing effort to help organizations eliminate paper trails and simplify manual processes.

New to the mobile app? See Downloading the Frontline Mobile App for information about how to download and access mobile features.

The mobile check-in and check-out feature removes the need for an instructor to oversee the activity attendance process, and it provides users with an electronic means to log their activity time.

 How It Works

 Must be enrolled in a PLM activity
 Must have the Frontline mobile app on their phone
 Must utilize "Check In" on the mobile app first

User Check-In Process

The workshop check-in activity is related to a user's upcoming activities, and these activity details can be referenced via the "My Assignments" tab on the dashboard or the "My Requests" section of the "Learning Plan" tab.


Checking In

If an activity is approved, a registered attendee can access the app and click Check In once the activity is within 15 minutes of the check in time. 

Rules for Check In  
 - The activity will appear in-app 24 hours from the start time.  
 - The "Check In" button will be available 15 minutes before the start time.  
 - Users have the ability to undo the check in.  
 - Once a user checks in, the app will display a confirmation time and an option to undo.  


Checking Out

*It is at the district's discretion to determine the appropriate time in which users should check out of an activity.

Rules for Check Out  
 - The user can only check out on mobile if the check in was used.  
 - Users have the ability to undo the check out.  
 - Once a user checks out, the app will display a confirmation time and an option to undo.  
 - The user can check out via the mobile app until 11:59 PM on the day of the activity.  


After check-out, there is a confirmation message and an option to "undo" the check-out.


Activity completion still needs to be awarded by an organization administrator via "Confirm Attendance".