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The assignment of available substitutes to unfilled absences is usually performed by Organization and Campus users. However, some school districts opt to set up their employees with this ability as well. This article explains the settings, permissions, and scenarios that need to be in place for employees to assign available substitutes to their own absences.

These steps will need to be completed within the web version of Absence Management.

Enabling the "Can Assign Substitute to Absence" Permission for Employees

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In order for an employee to be able to assign a substitute to their own absence, the employee must have the "Can Assign Substitute to Absence" permission enabled. This is a permission that needs to be set on each specific employee account as it is an employee specific permission, not a district wide setting.

To enable the permission, select the employee in order to access their record in the system. Then, navigate to the "Permission" tab and click Edit. From here, you can check the "Can Assign Substitute to Absence" check box and click Save.

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 Manual Adjustment

If only a small subset of employees need to have this permission enabled (turned on), while most other employees don’t need it, the best method to accomplish that is to access each employee’s account and manually turn the permission on.

 Importing Adjustment

The permission to assign substitutes to absences can also be imported to employees’ records. This method is most helpful if there is one group of employees that need the permission, and another group of employees that do not need the permission. An employee report would need to be created in Report Writer and then run in Excel, indicating which employees need the permission on and which need it to remain off. If this reads like the best method for your district but you’re unsure how to do this, Frontline support is happy to assist you.

If your district needs all employees to assign substitutes to their own absences, this can be setup in the system either via an import (for all employees) or through a support-specific procedure where we turn on the setting for everyone with an employee record. The support method in this case does not allow for the individual selection of employees who will have this permission enabled – it will be for all employees.

Which Subs will an Employee be able to Assign to their own Absences?

While a substitute does not need to be listed on the specific employee’s "Preferred Substitute List", the substitute must be on either the district’s preferred substitute list or the preferred substitute list of the location that the absence is created for.

Substitutes must also have the correct skill configuration for an employee to assign them to their absence. The following explains how you can check the employee’s skill(s) as well as the substitute’s skill(s) to ensure there is a match.

Access the employee record and click the Configuration Settings tab. Then, click the Skills sub tab. The "Skills" page indicates the required "Fulfillment Skill".

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Next, access the substitute's record and click the Configuration Settings tab. Then, click the Skills sub tab. The "Skills" page indicates the substitute's current skills.


As shown in the two previous example images, the employee requires a fulfillment skill of "Certified Teacher," and the substitute has this skill. 

The only exception to the skill configuration requirement is when the district wide setting "Employee Can Assign Unqualified Substitutes" is enabled.

Enabling the "Employee Can Assign Unqualified Substitutes" Permission

If the "Employee Can Assign Unqualified Substitutes" setting is enabled, it allows all employees to assign substitutes who do not have the same skills as the employee.

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Additional Note

The following reasons identify why an employee with the correct permission cannot assign a specific substitute to an absence:

  • Substitute is not qualified (does not have the required skills)
  • Substitute is excluded at the location of the absence
  • Substitute has the location marked as "not preferred" on their "Preferred Schools List"

Next Steps to Assign

The employee can now assign a substitute during the absence creation process, and this can be done directly via the mobile app.

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