Creating an Absence (Org. and Campus User)

Organizations with the Frontline Insights Platform also gain access to the Frontline mobile app. This app provides numerous tools and features, including the option to create an absence.


You can create a new absence through one of two options within the app. Click Absences Today on the home page (as seen in the first image) or access the Menu and select the Absences option. From this page, you can press the "+" button (as seen in the second image).

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Absence Creation Steps

This selection opens Step 2 of the absence creation process. From here, you will select an absence reason and then press the arrow in the bottom right corner to proceed.


Step 3 defines when the absence will take place. 

Select a date (or date range) from the calendar and press the arrow in the bottom right to proceed.


Step 4 determines the absence's duration.

You can choose from a list of timeframes that include "Full Day," "Half Day AM," "Half Day PM," and/or "Custom." Just note that if you select the "Custom" option, you can select the pencil icon beside the start and end time to indicate the alternate timeframe.

Once you are finished, press the right arrow to continue.


Step 5 prompts you to identify whether a substitute is required. Select the "Yes" or "No" option based on your position's requirements and press the right arrow to proceed.


The final Summary page provides an overview of the selections you made. These details include the location, absence reason, timeframe, and confirmation for whether a substitute is required. You can also include a personal note to the administrator prior to submitting the absence.

Once you are ready, press Submit Absence to create the absence request.


A confirmation message will appear. 


If you select the "View Absence" option, the app will display the absence details (e.g. approval status, confirmation number, etc.). Review these details, as needed, and press Edit (in the top left corner) if any adjustments need to be made. Otherwise, press the Home button at the bottom to return to the homepage. 


The substitute assignment can occur once an absence is created. Reference this article to learn more!
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