Important iOS Settings

The settings on your iOS device affect how the Frontline Mobile app functions, and we recommend you review these settings to optimize your mobile experience.

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iOS Notification Settings

Your notification settings determine what alerts you receive and how they appear. Select the Settings icon and press Notifications to view your device setup.


A list of mobile applications will appear. Locate and select Frontline from the list. 

Once opened, you can adjust your notification settings, and we recommend you turn all settings to "ON" and select your preferred Alerts style.


Review the following details as you make your adjustments:


The Sounds section controls whether a sound plays when you receive a new job notification. (One default sound is currently available.)

If you turn your notifications OFF, the settings will prevent an audible job notification from being heard "outside the app." However, in-app sounds (those heard when "inside" or using the app) are controlled in the Frontline mobile app’s settings. We encourage you to turn this setting ON.


iOS also uses the app's icon to show when a new job is available for you. Each time an applicable job becomes available, the app icon will display your total number of available jobs.

Please note, jobs may yet be available even if no numeric value appears. This number only indicates when a new job has been found for you, and the number will clear when you open the mobile app.

Show on Lock Screen

This setting controls whether you receive notifications when your screen is locked or “off.” We encourage to turn this setting ON.

Notification Center

This setting controls whether you can view notifications when you swipe down from the top center of your screen. We encourage to turn this setting ON.

Show as Banners (Temporary or Persistent)

The "Persistent" alert requires an action before you can proceed. The "Temporary" option causes alerts to temporarily appear as a banner before going away.

You are more likely to notice "Persistent" style alerts, but we recommend you select the option applicable to your preference.

iOS Sound Settings

Your device's volume is a final setting that can impact your notification experience. Volume can be controlled through your device's volume buttons or through the "Sounds & Haptics" on your device.

Be sure you do not have your device set to “silent” or "mute" (as seen below) if you wish to receive audible notifications. The buttons on the side of your iPhone control whether it rings or remains silent, and the "Mute" option restricts any notifications. You will need to adjust these volume buttons to allow for alerts.


Internet Requirements

iOS mobile requires some type of internet connection to function properly. Airplane mode must be turned OFF, and you must have either a Wi-Fi or Mobile Network (3G, 4G) connection set up.

You can turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a network by going to your device's Settings and selecting Wi-Fi. Review the available networks and ensure your Wi-Fi option is turned ON.

You can also select the Cellular option within your Settings to review your 3G or 4G connection.

Example of Airplane Mode (off), Wi-Fi settings, and Cellular settings


For questions beyond this article, please review your device’s help guides, contact your mobile carrier, or reference additional Mobile resources.