Important Android Settings



  • alerts
  • notifications
  • sounds

This tutorial provides some helpful hints for adjusting the settings on your Android-powered device.

Every Android is different, with a different look and menu options. 

Android Volume and Sound Settings

Your volume and sound controls can be found in your Sound Settings. With this in mind, locate/select the Settings option on your device and from here, select your sound settings option (i.e. "Sounds and vibration," or something similar).


Note that on most Android devices, your Notification Volume is a separate setting than your Ringer Volume. To adjust your notification volume, select the Volume option within your Sound settings.

From here, you can control/adjust the slider volume for Notifications, and we encourage you to check "Use incoming call volume for notifications," if applicable.

If you select a sound file from your phone to play for new jobs, the Media volume will need to be turned up as well.


Android Internet Settings

The mobile app requires some type of internet connection in order to function properly. You must have either a Wi-Fi or Mobile Network (3G, 4G) set up and Airplane Mode must be off.