Managing Call Times



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By default, Absence Management calls substitutes for jobs during the time period set up by the school district. You can customize these times or turn off calling altogether.

You will need to access the web version of your Absence Management application to determine these call preferences. You cannot perform the changes directly through the mobile app.

Accessing Call Times

If you wish to edit your options, please log in at and click the Preferences option on the Absence Management home page.


Now, click Call Times in side menu and select a district, if applicable.


Absence Management displays your district's default morning and evening call times. Click the Edit button to change your call time settings and edit each day, as needed.


This actions brings up a window where you determine daily call times.


Don't Call Me Choose this option for absence management to not call on the selected weekday.
Call me during the
district call times
Make this selection to return call times to the district's default setting.
Call me between Enter the earliest and latest times absence management can send a call notification.

Once you pick your settings, you have two options:

Apply to All This setting applies these particular settings to every day of the week.
Apply only to This option only applies your settings to the selected workday.

Turning Off Calling

The system provides two additional call time options in the top right corner of the page. You can either continue to accept incoming calls or disable the feature.


Determine your preferences and select the "No" option if you wish to completely turn off calls from Absence Management.

A pop-up box will appear. click OK in the confirmation box to confirm this change.


This action causes Absence Management to no longer call with job offers, but you can still search for jobs online.