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 Absence Management

How do I find available jobs?

Select the View All Available Jobs link on the homepage. This selection opens the "Available Jobs" page which includes a comprehensive list of any assignments that have been posted by employees within your district(s). Select a job to view its details, including a phone number and/or notes about the assignment. If you wish to accept the job, press the Accept button at the bottom of the page.

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How do I view my scheduled jobs?

The homepage provides the first point of reference for potential, upcoming assignments and your next scheduled job. Select a specific assignment under the "Next Scheduled Jobs" section to view its details or access the "Available Jobs" list to review a more broad, comprehensive list of all the available jobs in your district(s).

If you reference the list of all available jobs in your district(s), you will see an additional "Scheduled" tab at the top of the page. Select this option to view a comprehensive list of all your accepted assignments.

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How do I manage call times?

If you wish to edit your options, please log in at app.frontlineeducation.com and select the Preferences option on the Absence Management home page. (You will need to access the web version of your Absence Management application to determine these call preferences. You cannot perform the changes directly through the mobile app.)

From the Preferences page, select the Call Times option and proceed to edit individual days or enable/disable calling altogether.

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