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How do I create an absence?

You can create a new absence through one of two options within the app. Click Create Absence directly from the home page or access the Menu and select the Absences option. From this page, you can press the "+" button

This selection opens Step 2 of the absence creation process where you can proceed to complete the absence details. Reference this article to learn more.

How do I leave a note for a sub?

When creating an absence, you can enter a note in Step 5 within the "Note to Substitute" section.

If the absence has been created and not yet approved, you can edit an absence and proceed to the Substitute page on Step 5. 

Employees with the proper permissions may only edit an absence before it has been approved. Once approval is given, only an Organization or Campus User can perform edits and leave notes.

How do I assign a sub to an absence?

Organization and Campus Users often have the permission to assign a sub, but some employees may also have this ability, if provided the necessary permission.

When enabled, you will have the ability to assign a substitute during the absence creation process or when reviewing a previously created absence. Reference this article to learn more. 

How do I edit an absence?

Employees with the proper permissions may only edit an absence before it has been approved. Once approval is given, only an Organization or Campus User can perform edits.

To edit an absence, you will need to access its details via the "Absences" section of your app. Select the Absences option on the home screen or navigate to Menu > Absences

This selection will open a list of your requested absences. Review this list and select the absence in question.

Once an absence is chosen, you can then click the Edit option. Reference this article to learn more. 

If editing rights are restricted, you will need to contact your District Administrator for assistance.

How do I delete an absence?

The mobile app does not currently support the functionality to delete an absence. Please sign in to Absence Management on the web (at aesoponline.com or app.frontlineeducation.com) to complete this process.


How do I view my timesheets?

If your district has enabled this feature, you will see a "Timesheets" option on your app home screen (and via your Menu). Reference this article for more details. 


How do I check my Professional Growth activity?

You can use the mobile app to check-in to a registered event for your Professional Growth, web-based account. The event will become available on your mobile dashboard 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time, and you can begin the check-in phase 15 minutes before the event starts.

Reference this article for more details. 

You cannot view your organization's activities or register for professional development opportunities through the app. The activity catalog and registration process is only available in the web-based version of Professional Growth.


How do I recover my username or reset a password?

Open the sign in page for the Frontline mobile app and select the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" link (beneath the Username and Password entry boxes). Either selection will prompt you to provide additional account details. 

Once these details are entered, the system will email you information to recover your username or reset your password.

Reference this article for a walkthrough of the credential recovery process.


What does the Frontline mobile app cost?

The Frontline mobile app is free to download and free to employees, Campus Users, and Org. users!

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