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How do I create an absence?

You can create a new absence through one of two options within the app. Click Create Absence directly from the home page or access the Menu and select the Absences option. From this page, you can press the "+" button

This selection opens Step 2 of the absence creation process where you can proceed to complete the absence details. Reference this article to learn more.

How do I assign a sub to an absence?

Organization and Campus Users often have the permission to assign a sub, but some employees may also have this ability, if provided the necessary permission.

When enabled, you will have the ability to assign a substitute during one of the following scenarios:

  • Absence Creation
  • Absence Review
  • Absence Approval
  • Absences Not Yet Filled

How do I edit an absence?

If an absence has not yet been approved, you can click on the Approvals widget and choose an absence from your list of pending approvals. From here, you can select the Edit button in the top left corner of the absence

If an absence has already been approved, navigate to Menu > Absences. From here, you will need to find the date when the absence occurs and select the absence in question. You can then click the Edit option in the top right corner.

Step 2 of the absence creation process will open, and you can begin to review the absence details and make any necessary updates. Reference this article to learn more.

How do I approve an absence?

If approval rights are provided, you will see a widget labeled "Approvals" on the "Home" screen. Select this option to review a list of absence requests. 

Once opened, you can select a specific employee's request to further review the absence details and decide whether to approve or deny the request. 

Reference this article for more information. 

How do I view who will be absent?

You can review the day's absences directly from the home page of your mobile app.

How do I delete an absence?

The mobile app does not currently support the functionality to delete an absence. Please sign in to Absence Management on the web (at aesoponline.com or app.frontlineeducation.com) to complete this process.



How do I recover my username or reset a password?

Open the sign in page for the Frontline mobile app and select the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" link (beneath the Username and Password entry boxes). Either selection will prompt you to provide additional account details. 

Once these details are entered, the system will email you information to recover your username or reset your password.

Reference this article for a walkthrough of the credential recovery process.


What does the Frontline mobile app cost?

The Frontline mobile app is free to download and free to your users! 

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