Finding and Accepting a Job (Subs)



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The Frontline Education mobile app posts potential assignment opportunities for any districts that you have been provided visibility. To view these options, log in to the mobile app and select the Jobs link on the homepage.


Finding Jobs

The "Available Jobs" page includes a comprehensive list of any assignments that have been posted by employees within your district(s). This information includes the date when the employee's absence will occur, the name of the person who requested a substitute, the position in question, and the location where the absence will take place.

You can alternate between the "Available" and "Scheduled" jobs tabs, as well as use both sorting and filter options to further define your results. View Sorting and Filtering Jobs.


Tap on a specific assignment if you wish to learn more about it.

Accepting a Job

Once on the job details page, you can view a summary of the job, as well as a phone number and/or notes about the assignment. If you wish to accept the job, select the Accept button at the bottom of the page.

Only click the "Reject" button if you are absolutely sure that you do not want this job. You cannot recover a rejected assignment.

The app will provide a confirmation number and verify that you successfully accepted the assignment.

Once accepted, not all jobs will have the option to cancel. (These restrictions might occur if a job is too close to its start time, etc.) If you can cancel a job, you will see a red "Cancel" button. Please contact your District Administrator if you require assistance.


You can press the Add to Calendar option to add an accepted job to the calendar on your mobile device. If you have not yet performed this function, the system will prompt you to provide access to the Calendar feature on your device. Press Ok to proceed.

You can then access the calendar on your mobile device and view the details for your upcoming assignment. 


You can review your past and/or upcoming assignments in a few different areas of the mobile app. See Viewing Upcoming and Past Jobs.